The first time I felt ‘behind’…

I want to share the first time I felt ‘behind’ everyone else and I am hoping that some of you will share your experiences as well. I want this blog to be over all positive, but when contemplating where to start I had to go with the beginning of the feeling.

The first time I truly felt behind, that I can clearly remember, was in 8th grade. My friends had ‘boyfriends’…I did not. I could say this was because I was a tomboy or whatever reason I want to spill out there but the real reason was that I just plain wasn’t ready for that.

I know I wasn’t ready because when I started feeling behind my peers for not having a ‘boyfriend’ I made it my mission to get one. So I talked to a guy who had been a friend until we decided to be ‘together.’ I thought it would be great and I would feel better…I didn’t. I felt panicked and confused. Poor guy, the next day I ‘dumped’ him out of sheer panic. I didn’t understand any of this at the time I just went with my gut feeling that said no. The point to this post is at the ripe old age of 13 I already felt ‘behind.’ That’s crazy! Even crazier is that feeling continues 20 years later from time to time.

When did you first feel ‘behind?’

P.S. I recently became Facebook friends with that particular boy…he’s doing great! He probably doesn’t even remember it! haha

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