Why Am I Doing This?

That’s a good question!

Thank you for joining me in the start of the social media adventure. My name is Drea and I am a 33 year old woman living in California. I have never moved at the same pace that the people around me seem to move at – I move a little slower it seems. It took me a really long time to recognize that isn’t a ‘bad’ thing and that I am not ‘behind’ in life.

After hearing many of my friends and anonymous internet posters express the same sentiment, I decided it was time to start this account and instagram to with it @setmyownp.e.ace Most the people in my life are at different stages of life but feel like they aren’t keeping up with the person in front of them. I am here to spread the word that creating your own pace creates your own peace, whatever that may be. This blog and instagram are not about judging whatever pace you are going at or want to go at I am here to celebrate it. Of course not only my perspective can do this so I will be having guest writers who can give new perspectives. Let’s use this space to celebrate each others paces creating peace, form a community of people who can relate, and have a safe place to share the challenges and doubts that inevitably creep in.

Thanks to MaryEllen Hacket a most gifted artist for providing the image for the movement. You are one bad ass person!

I told the artist about this movement and asked her to pick a piece that she related to it. I believe it’s perfect!

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