Happy Mother’s Day?

Yesterday I debated posting about Mother’s Day on our Instagram but found myself incredibly conflicted about it. Overall, it’s wonderful to thank the Mom’s out in the world because they are amazing; but there are some who consider Mother’s Day a pretty painful holiday. On my journey through Mother’s Day posts I saw a lot of people who are really sad because their mother isn’t with us anymore or because they are trying to become a mother and having trouble. Additionally, I saw posts form women who have chosen not to have babies speak to that. There were a lot of posts about being a fur baby Mom and controversy of what a ‘real’ mom is. The more I looked around the more confused I became. I knew I wanted to post something, but which aspect do I choose? Then I remembered this group is about celebrating all choices, so I am choosing them all. Let’s celebrate where everyone is and celebrate their p(e)ace. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers, fur baby Mothers, women wanting to become Mothers, aunties, women who love children as their own, women who don’t know yet if kids are in their futures, and to the women who choose not to be a mother. For anyone who has lost their mother I am deeply sorry for your loss and hope you have some great memories of them to share with us.

So in conclusion, happy day after Mother’s Day. Join me in celebrating/supporting everyone and their choices.

I would love to hear everyone’s Mother’s Day experiences below!

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