A Pet’s P(e)ace

I have been having a ‘ruff’ 24 hours…I won’t drag you through the details but sometimes setting my own p(e)ace can be taxing, especially when trying to help those around you when they are feeling a bit down.

When I arrived at work and was still dragging I got a surprise! A coworker had brought in her puppy, Fin. He instantly lifted my spirits. Playing with him reminded me that I am doing fine and to keep setting my p(e)eace. I looked back and started thinking of all the times a pup or pet has lifted my spirits when needed. They don’t even have to my pets or pets I will ever see again. I found myself petting strangers dogs twice yesterday and I always feel better after I do.

In some the ‘ruffest’ times in my life a pet has been there to remind me I am doing fine and to keep setting my own p(e)ace. What pet in your life does the same for you? How do they create so much magic?

Bo is my personal cheerleader! Rescued from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

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