When setting your own p(e)ace is wearing you out…

I am truly and utterly exhausted at the moment and it is almost entirely my own fault, and I know it. This sentiment is true of me right now, but also of those around me. I have listened to and commiserated with many of my friends and coworkers on this very topic. There are so many commitments this time of year and time of life…weddings, graduations, baby showers, visiting family, etc. This is all on top of work (which I need to pay for all those other things) and my regular life. Between the things I really wanted to do this week and things I must do (work) I am officially wondering if my current p(e)ace is too much for me. If it is, how do I slow it down without missing out on opportunities and experiences? I truly want to know you opinion and suggestions on this. How do you keep your balance while setting your own p(e)ace?

I thought the quote below really applied to my thoughts on sleep lately. But when does the need for sleep become more important than experiences? I have a hard time drawing this line because as much as I love sleep, I can’t pass up on a great experience.

I love my sleep, but sometimes you just have to have fun late nights!

I would love for you to share your thoughts and wisdom on this topic in the comments section.

P.S. As I mentioned I am sleep deprived at the moment so I apologize for any glaring typos or bad grammar.

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