When your own p(e)ace makes you poor…

Today I ended up one quarter short of being able to do one load of laundry. I searched my whole house for one more quarter for one load of laundry only to come up short.

Overall I want the tone of this blog and instagram account @setmyownp.e.ace to have a positive tone but today’s isn’t entirely positive. I apologize in advance.

I always knew I wanted a job that made a difference and that richness can come in many forms. I still want this but working so hard to be a quarter short of the ability to do one load of laundry does make me question it a bit. I will have no clean laundry (much less groceries) until I get paid in over a week.

To be fair I did go out to happy hour with a friend last week and spent my one quarter and then some. I thought I could make it work…not so much. So setting my own p(e)ace has gotten me the a job in the field I desired but prevented me from clean clothes for 1.5 weeks. I take responsibility for my choice in career and know I could have made more on another path BUT I do feel I should make enough for one meal out and a load of laundry.

I can’t help but wonder if I had a partner I would perhaps have some clean clothes right now. It would be nice to have someone hand me a quarter and say don’t worry I am here as your partner in finding that last quarter. Of course this statement is bigger then laundry and comes back to something I ponder with setting my own p(e)ace and not finding a partner yet.

I take pride in the ability to take care of myself and be independent but still I can’t help but wonder how nice it would be to have a partner to lean on and who I in turn can support. I am thankful for the other folks in my life who would readily let me come over and do laundry, and I will likely them up on it, but you know what I mean by a partner in life being a wonderful thing and I do want that.

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