The Weight of My Weight…

…does not define me…most of the time.

About a year ago at work I walked into the bathroom on a truly disturbing conversation between two little girls – maybe 10 years old. They were looking at their reflection and seemed concerned. She then said called herself fat while looking at her own reflection. I was shocked – this little girl is concerned with being fat?! She is a child – she should be worried about a test or if she will have a sleep over this weekend, not her weight. I started wondering how this 10 year old got the idea let alone the worry that she is fat, then it hit me – she got it from us. Us being women in general in this case. I can’t tell you how many women I hear say this all the time – including me. These young ladies are hearing how we as women speak and repeating it. Is that the example you want to set? It is most certainly not a behavior I want to pass on to the next generation of women. I vowed then and there not to allow the weight of my weight weigh me down and drag other ladies down with it. Weight is a number. It can be a baseline of basic health but it shouldn’t define how attractive I feel or how I view myself. Weight will go up and down but I am still me and you are still you. Join me to set a better example for all little ladies so they don’t spend their time worrying they are fat at ten years old. I am late to the I weigh campaign but I weigh strength, perseverance, joy, empathy, encouragement, and awesome. What do you weigh?

P.S. I really wanted a burger and fries tonight and I got it – guilt free. Best tasting burger I’ve ever had.

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