Modern Dating…

…is exhausting.

I am just going to put it out there, for the most part dating really sucks. Dating in this time is the worst and by that I mean dating apps. I truly hate them all but it is the major way to meet people. Currently I am using Bumble and Tinder. I get a decent number of replies but those replies are far from decent. I state clearly that I don’t want to be your sugar baby, submit to your Christian Grey fantasy, and don’t want random sex. Whatever people are into is cool but you wont be talking me into things I have clearly said I don’t want.

So when chatting leads to an actual date I have to preface it with ‘You wont be getting laid tonight just FYI.’ That rules out another 50% of them.

If you actually make it to that date it’s a gamble. Will this person look like their photos? Do the have a squeaky voice? How much will I have to scan around and protect myself from this stranger if it’s terrible? It’s exhausting! I have given every brand of guy a shot – funny guy, nice guy, single dads, bad boys – you name it I’ve tried it. They are mostly the same. After answering all the typical interview questions about myself – The date is good or bad and that’s it. Poof – they are too busy, they aren’t ready to date, they have 2 heads… I definitely wont settle for anything less then the right relationship in setting my own p(e)ace but I am exhausted.

Anyone who knows me wanna arrange a marriage for me? Share some online dating horror stories so I don’t feel like I ma just bad at modern dating hahahaha

@ns_poetry_ photo credit

P.S. in the hour this has been up my date for tonight already cancelled. I hate this way of dating I really do. Thanks for proving my point.

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