Modern Dating Part 2…

…the types of modern guys I have experienced recently.

After another cancellation of what I termed a ‘nice’ guy, I am rethinking my approach to modern dating. I am trying to date in a modern world with an old school approach. Perhaps I need a new approach. Modern dating types for your and my consideration in setting your/my own p(e)ace.

The ‘Throuple’

One of my matches on Tinder was a couple. They were looking to add a third in the sense of adding to their emotional and physical relationship. I chatted for a but and seriously considered it. While ultimately I decided a physical relationship with another woman wasn’t for me, it was about more then that. Ultimately, I would have been the outsider in an established relationship, the guest star. That is not something I am ready to consider or risk. I recognize the benefits of such a relationship, but ultimately not my path in setting me own p(e)ace.

Utterly Confused Guy

This man has no idea WTF he wants. He wants to know what he wants but doesn’t. He will come in and out of your DM’s and texts. One day he is completely into you and does everything in his power to convince you of it and the next he ‘isn’t ready’ and his life is ‘too hectic’ and he doesn’t want to ‘drag you into his stuff.’ It’s not that he is lying to you – he believes what he is saying every time he flip flops, BUT don’t most people deserve better? I know I do. This man is looking for you to somehow add clarity to his life, be his rock, fix what’s wrong – you are not anyone’s genie. You want a partner not a project. In a partnership there should be equal support. Either that or his is just stringing you along. Either way not for me or my p(e)ace.

The Honest Man

I have been on a date or two with this man and we talk fairly frequently. He has never been anything but honest and upfront about who he is or what he wants. We have spoken in an honest but flirtatious way – we have discussed when were last test for STI’s, what we would expect from a physical relationship, and our last sexual partners – but it’s still fun. This is by far my leading candidate. He is beautiful and upfront. I feel that he can walk the line of physically aggressive but respectful at the same time. I would know exactly what I was getting and it might just be fun while we figure out if it’s anything. BUT with this man comes all the things you never knew you didn’t want to know come up and you start imagining other women he’s seeing, things from the past that don’t really matter, etc. It’s trade off to be sure. If you can live in the moment this man could truly be fun. At this point fun is sounding pretty freaking awesome.

Do you have a type of man or woman to add to my list? Leave a comment!

3 thoughts on “Modern Dating Part 2…

  1. A type I always find is : the pen pal. These men want to chat and Chat and Chat. Everything is perfect until you bring up the ( what seems obvious) inevitable topic of meeting and he vanishes.


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