A Phoenician in an Earthquake…

…and I compared the building to wiggling like Jello.

I have a few ideas to write about but decided that today wasn’t the day. I am way over tired and my brain is mush from 13 hours of travel (could have driven to Phoenix and back in that time) so decided my writing might not have the best tone today. I have felt like I was moving all day (yay travel vertigo) so it took me a minute to realize the building around me really was wiggling! It was so freaky! You must understand as someone from Arizona I have never experienced this (or anything outside a monsoon or haboob).

When I was in AmeriCorps I was required to run earthquake drills and while I ran them to a T, I always thought oh man I wont use this. Then my first earthquake comes and I am frozen on the couch. My over tired brain is thinking what should we do? Duck under a table? Go outside? Sit here debating what to do while I watch tv? Then I heard the little girls who lives above me run outside (with their mom) and they all sounded so freaked out that I went out to chat with them. Not because I thought it was the safest thing to do but because they needed a distraction and I happen to excellent in a crisis…when there is someone to take care of. As soon as those little girls needed something in this situation I took action – no questioning. When debating my own safety I couldn’t pick a course of action. That is a strange thing about me…I am better at helping others then myself. Anyone else out there find this to be the case? How do you become good at both? Or do I need someone to help for a call to action? Is that how I am wired?

Also, I have been in my work clothes since I got home (blue polo, khakis) and I had the distinct thought of if this gets bad I am going to be found in this outfit! Put on my cutest PJs immediately.

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