Role Models in the Public Eye…

…that you might question my taste over but hear me out.

We all have those t.v. shows, songs, and movies that we love but don’t admit to other people. This is an example of role models in the public eye that fall under that list – except I am not afraid to admit it. You may not agree but I am asking you to hear me out and consider adding them to your instagram for a little inspiration.

The Bella Twins
@thenikkibella @thebriebella

I learned about the Bella Twins when I started watching Total Divas. They were by far the most interesting on the show because they were ambitious and unafraid to be who they are – flaws and all. These two have done what they needed to create a kind of a empire with a loyal following (including me!). They had successful wrestling careers and saw a point from bad acting and escorting men to the ring to being a bad ass wrestling duo showing their fitness and athletic ability. They parlayed their wrestling career into a fashion line, wine brand, and more. They cover the whole field of goals between the two. Despite being twins they live life at their own p(e)ace while supporting each other and all women along the way. That doesn’t always happen. If that isn’t worth admiration, I don’t know what is.

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