When Setting Your Own P(e)ace is Making you Poor…

part 2!

August is a good month because it’s an extra paycheck month. For most people (formerly me) this means buying that outfit, going on a trip, or splurging on something. I plan to squirrel it away for the two weeks after I pay rent and live on freezer food from Costco. This third check has become a bit of a life line for at least the next few months.

August is also a good month because it is when I start shopping for Christmas presents. Yep, you read that correctly – Christmas Presents. I cannot afford to take a $400 hit in December, seriously I would starve. So I buy three presents per month starting now (4 this month because of the extra check). This is the only way for me to feasibly give meaningful presents on my budget. I am not complaining – I actually love shopping for and giving people presents. I pride myself on being an excellent gift giver, it just takes planning ahead.

August is a tough month because it is the prelude to fall. I always get Fall for my birthday (September 22). I like to travel in the fall to a location where I can see the leaves change color. I don’t think that is in the cards for me this year on my current budget and it will be a hard thing to skip, but you gotta do what you gotta do with what you got. I chose to work in nonprofits and that helps and hurts me set my own p(e)ace as previously discussed in Part 1.

August 2 was a good day because I found an item I rarely purchase at a great price at Costco – Frozen Kodiak Protein Waffles! I got paid today so I got to buy a huge pack at a great price. You should know I get really excited over deals and especially deals I can buy. I love shopping around Costco but it’s a money pit. Today I went in for TP (essential) and came out with a simple thing that completely made my day. You must appreciate the little luxuries when on a budget.

August just got tougher because I am about to be homeless (probably an exaggeration but that’s how it feels right now). My roommate is moving (to CO and I am jealous lol) and I really can’t afford to live here without a roommate. So…get another roommate right? How many times can I get lucky with roommates? I hate roommate roulette! I am 33 and because I am in a beach town can’t afford to live on my own without a roommate. Ugh.

The phrase all magic comes with a price comes to mind and so does certain decisions you make to set your own p(e)ace.

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