A Change of Scenery…

…and a fresh start.

I moved my room today (mostly). I am writing this post from my bed in my new room and my roommates old one. It’s nice and kinda weird at the same time. I kind of feel like a guest in here…even with all my stuff in here. My work wife helped me move stuff and my bed AND she brought cider! I couldn’t have moved a lot of it without her so if you are reading this thank you very much!

I am hoping a new start makes my mostly empty apartment feel less odd. I have never been a person who enjoyed living alone. I like having someone to talk to at the end of the day and to notice if I happen to drop dead or get robbed or something. It’s nice to know there is another person in the house – there soon will be but for now it’s strange for me to be alone.

It is also very hard to eat on very few utensils and plates and nothing to cook with hahaha. All that is coming from my storage but for now it’s make due.

Also -update on my run a 5K goal. I started working up to it and my ass freaking hurts! Yikes! Also I officially registered and paid to run so there’s no backing out now. I got my spider Gwen hoodie as well so that is some good motivation to earn it.

I want to sleep but being in a new room and fight with someone I care about are keeping me up. Anyone else out there up and feeling weird? I guess I will keep cleaning…

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