By This Point in My Life I Thought I’d Have…

… a dog!

I have been having serious pangs to adopt a dog or a cat lately. I have always had an animal around from the day I was born. I have been a month without one and I can’t take it. I need a little critter to snuggle and love. There has been a bit of a whole since my roommates pup moved out.

Funny the role our animals (aka fur babies) play in our lives. They are always there – no matter what. There is something hugely comforting in that.

I have been looking at rescue sites. Mind you I can’t really afford it if something goes wrong with this animal which is why I haven’t adopted one. Stupid money!

This time is a little different in my want for a dog though. Part of my huge want for a dog is to adopt one with my dude and take it on walks together, hang out and watch tv together, go to the dog park together. I’ve never had that additive in this want and I am still working it out in my brain. What if we broke up then one of us would never see the dog again?! It’s tricky…

Who knows what will come of my will to adopt a pup? I know this wasn’t my deepest post but it’s what is on my brain at the moment!

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