Love is Not Finite…

…is something my brother says that I have been thinking about lately.

I have always been sensitive to the feeling of being left out or left behind (as you know by now if you have been reading this). Nothing has given me this feeling more then my family splitting apart and growing new branches apart. It gives me the distinct feeling that I am being replaced and the only one who misses the family unit that no longer exists as a unit. I know this is life and how it goes – people grow and changes happen – but when you are the only one who seems on the outside of this growth.

When I talk to my brother about it he says “Love is not finite. There isn’t a limited amount of love a person can give.”

I think that’s true – love is not finite but time and attention are. The more branches you add the less time you have to go out on each limb. So, where you put your time and attention is very important and says a lot about the strongest branches. The strongest branches will survive life’s storms.

I hope that wasn’t too cliche or douchey – just what was on my mind.

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