Role Models in the Public Eye…

…part 3!

Jane Fonda Cordially Invites You to Come Get Arrested

Jane Fonda

Simply said, I think Jane Fonda is the shit. The new season of Grace and Frankie inspired this addition/edition of role Models in the Public Eye. Her political activism has been truly inspiring. People tend to criticize her for plastic surgery but she looks freaking awesome so I say more power to you lady. She doesn’t let peoples opinion get her down (as far as I know since yanno I don’t know her lol).

In an episode this season her character goes to a charity thing and meets the “trophy wifes” of rich older men. She implies what she thinks is in private that they are young, vapid gold diggers. Everyone in the episode or watching the episode immediately thinks that as well. But the private conversation wasn’t so private and the young wives get their feelings hurt. This leads to a very insightful discussion about how people thing women are too old or too young for whatever they are doing and why can’t we all just live our own lives. This episode made me question my own presumptions about the ‘trophy wifes’ (I live in the OC so it’s easy to do) and wondered if the habit I have of making fun of them is toxic for myself, women, and humans. I do feel justified in certain situations, but I think I will try to take a lesson from Grace aka Jane Fonda and not judge people I don’t know right away.

Especially since she is now friends with the trophy wives on the show and helping them start their own businesses in the show. You never know when you might make a friend from a world totally different from your own. How can we help each other we thought were too different to associate with?

Additionally, she has incredible style. I am serious – I wish I had half her style sense. Half the time I debate if I can get away leggings wherever I happen to be going. Also, her workout videos from back in the day are mentioned in so many shows and other pop culture avenues. She made a workout empire before it was even a thing. I would like to try one sometime.

Thanks for the inspiration lady!

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