Role Models in the Public Eye…

…part 5…I think…I am losing track…

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will share the stage at Super Bowl LIV next February. But the question is: Why? - The World News Daily
Rockin’ it!

I don’t normally lump people together in this segment but for the purposes of today’s admiration, I am going to. There was a lot of backlash over the Super Bowl Half Time show this year and I don’t understand a single but of it. The costumes were small but not unlike anything they have ever worn onstage and was to be expected. Let’s face it if I had those bodies I woulda worn a lot less, but that’s beside the point. To compare level of material use I refer you to EVERY cheer squad in the NFL who wear less and perform proactive dance moves on a weekly basis for football fans.

If you were on the side BUT WHAT ABOUT THE STRIPPER POLE? That was a show of strength and athleticism. Do you know how much muscle those moves take? Holy crap! Let’s see a football player do that. Jennifer Lopez learned all of that for hte movie Hustlers so why not show up some feats of strength and skill?

AS for Shakira and the now infamous tongue waggle, it has been suggested it’s a cultural/heritage part of her performance. Even if it’s not who cares? Seriously. Have you seen what she can do with her hips? Holy crap! That is a cool skill and takes crazy control and flexibility. I tried to do that once (who hasn’t who has seen a Shakira video) and I look like I am having a seizure.

If you were offended, there is a very easy way to fix that…change the channel or turn off your television set. No one was offended when Adam Levine was running around without a shirt grabbing himself. So why does two beautiful women showing off their talents and athletic abilities make so many people uncomfortable?

I personally think it was awesome and brave. They have both dealt with the backlash in a classy and admirable way which is why they made the cut for this list. You go ladies!

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