My Apartment Has Been Under Construction…

…and I really missed it.

I had mentioned that my bathroom had water damage from the one above. They have been working on fixing the water damage and replacing the whole tub/shower area. During this time my dude has been really nice letting my crash at his house for about two weeks. Tonight, I came back to check out the progress and it’s almost done. Definitely, close enough to live in again. I didn’t realize how much I missed my apartment until I was back in it. I missed having all of my stuff available to me. I missed my couch which is so comfortable and smooshy and wonderful. Most of all it was picked by me which is really the first big piece of furniture I chose (minus my mattress which was chosen by me but same day so I had a place to sleep that night). I missed my bed! It’s smaller then my dudes but it’s cozy and familiar. I even missed the crazy noises of the family living above me. Don’t get me wrong – I love being at my dudes house with him – but there is just something about being in my apartment I can’t quite explain.

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