14 Year Old Me…

… and 34 year old me still love the show Roswell.

I have never been a big fan of all the show reboots (like Charmed). Have we really run out of fresh ideas? Until Roswell, New Mexico came out.

14 year old me LOVED the show Roswell. If fit everything my inexperienced adolescent heart wanted to a romance/syfy show. So when I heard they were remaking it I got to worried they might destroy it. Then I learned its the same character but in a new story and as adults. My 34 year old heart began to sing. I have really enjoyed the first season and couple episodes of the second season. I like the Alex and Maria are both involved with Michael. The guy who plays Max is super fine (he was in a soap opera I watched and True Blood), and Liz is a scientist which I like a lot.

This leads me to wonder if other things from my personal past can be reinvented and fun! Especially during this self isolation/quarantine time when I have the time to figure it out. Here’s what I have so far…

Movie and Baking Days – I used to have friends over for movie marathons with various baked good to make. It was fun. Maybe there is a virtual way to do this.

MASH Boards – Let’s recreate MASH for what ever stage you are in with making your own p(e)ace. Mine would include what pet to adopt, next city to live in, and which show to binge on Netflix.

Bike Rides – I want to ride a bike for fun again – not for calorie burn and not one that’s stationary. I want a pink beach cruiser that I can ride to the bar, to get a smoothie, and to the beach. Also, I want to relearn how to ride without using the handlebars.

Any suggestions on things we used to do that would be fun to reinvent?

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