The Night’s Watch…

…and getting while the getting is good.

So – I haven’t been completely laid off yet during this pandemic which is awesome but I have been cut down to part time. We had previously been limited to five hours per week. SO – when the option came up for extra hours I jumped on it. The catch is the shift is all night (standing the watch so to speak). I really thought my days of staying up all night to make ends meet where over (I used to stock shelves at World Market) but I guess not. It’s an easy shift (I actually kind of like it) but recovering from that shift is hades. It messes up my sleep and my eating schedule. I appreciate the hours but this schedule is killing me!

I hope that we all get through this soon and working ALL night is almost over. But I have to make ends meet and I am appreciative that I can get some extra hours. So for now, call me John Snow because I am on the Nights Watch. I will keep you posted for when my watch has ended.

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