A Kitty ‘Pawty’…

…and really missing having an animal in my life.

Growing up I ALWAYS had animals. I had dogs, cats, and even a bird. Since I moved out I have been lucky enough to have partial custody of my family cat for awhile and/or the people I have lived with have had wonderful animals I can spoil. Lately – finding myself on my own – I don’t have an animal in my life. I am constantly searching adoption websites and actually have a dog I want to meet BUT as I previously mentioned I can’t really afford an animal if something were to go really wrong and they would need emergency vet services. Working with animals every day has helped but now with self-quarantine I don’t see them too often either. I was trying my best to live with when…

…the cat party! OK it wasn’t really a party but I was out getting my mail and a cat walked about so I started petting it. It was SO sweet and had a pink color with bling on it. Then another cat walked up and wanted love too. I set something off in my heart I had been trying to quiet for some time. I need a pet guys. Seriously. It’s bad.

I know we aren’t supposed to pet peoples animals with whole COVID thing but I just can’t help it. I will never stop petting the animals that let me and like the attention. They are too cute and fill a whole in heart…a dog or cat shaped hole.

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