Being an Adult in a Pandemic…

…is even more expensive then just being an adult (which is pretty expensive anyway).

Right now I have 4 plastic plates, 2 ceramic bowls, and some random silverware. This has made eating difficult and washing dishes a constant. So I finally broke down and bought a dinnerware set – it wasn’t super pricey but it wasn’t cheap, especially in my current economic situation. But I need plates so I pulled the amazon trigger. And now I feel guilty!

Why do I always feel guilty buying myself things that I actually really need. It’s a little ridiculous. I supposed when I have health insurance again and return to therapy I will explore that.

Have you found buying things you really need hard to buy? Especially int he pandemic? I heard on the radio this morning that some scientists are estimating that social distancing protocols will stay through the year. Extroverts everywhere are panicking a bit and I am no exception. Oh dear.

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