My Quarantine Cooking Skills…

…haven’t improved much since the start of this thing.

I have never been much a chef. I can make a few basic things: chicken fajitas, salmon, and stuff in the airfyer (new skill). It’s not that I never wanted to learn to cook I just have no natural talent for it. I have found one good thing that helps a lot (besides wine) – prepared meat from Trader Joes. It comes pre season and marinated – all you do is cook it. SO good. I highly recommend the pesto chicken.

I used to bake quite a bit as a kid but lost touch with finding joy in that. I lost it somewhere around Christmas cookie season when I couldn’t get the stained glass cookies to work and wound up throwing the dough against the wall (not my finest moment).

When this started I thought to myself I will have so much time to cook I will improve and I did in one area – breakfast food.

I have found that I don’t really like cooking all that much, or at least cooking as much as I have been. I know it’s cheaper to cook your own food but my grocery bills have NOT been cheap.

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