I Read a Quote Today…

…that got me thinking (because we all have time to overthink nowadays).

The quote was “I used to walk into a room and wonder if the people in that room liked me. Now I wonder if I like them.”

OK it was a meme but it still provoked thought. I have ALWAYS been so concerned that people like me…like all people. I still become uncomfortable at the thought of someone actively disliking me. I always admired those people who can walk through life not giving a fuck if people like them – they always seemed happier and less stressed then me.

I am pushing towards that second half of this quote but also kind of hope I never fully achieve it. I want to care less but not not at all. Does that make sense? I need to figure out if I like the room full of people BEFORE I worry about them all liking me. I want to be liked by people are are worth being liked by and gaining the respect of.

What this thought process boiled down to for me is – I would rather have a few people I super close to and respect then a room full of mediocre acquaintances who don’t think anything bad about me because they don’t think about me at all.

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