The Best Point Gilmore Girls Ever Made…

…in my opinion.

After rewatching some of Gilmore Girls I have decided that Loreli and Rori are bad people – seriously. That opinion aside, I did really like one point that Loreli made in an episode where Rory is trying to casually date Logan. Logan ends up bending to Rory’s will of monogamy at the end of the episode and Loreli points out that he is just making the same compromise she was trying to but open dating, and that he was very clear and honest about what he wanted. That monogamy is him compromising himself like she tried to do. It was amazingly insightful for a woman who barely gives the men in her life’s feelings a second thought. And it’s true! Just because they wanted to different things didn’t mean one was wrong and one was right. In this one instance – they show what really is instead of lighting the Gilmore Girls as always being correct and in the right.

Additionally, Loreli treats her mother is awful despite her being kinda up tight, but that’s another post…

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