It’s A Bad Time To Have…

…seasonal allergies.

I have an allergy in just about every season it seems but none worse then spring (they are better in CA then AZ but still present). If you are a frequent allergy pill taker, then you know they are meant to dry up your mucous production. Unfortunately, that blockage is not localized to you sinuses…it’s all your mucus producing glands…which is a problem if you are a sexually active woman…if you get my drift. SO – I try not to take it every single day to balance that little issue out. That leads to increased sneezing and nose blowing on some days. Right now you are treated like you are super toxic for having seasonal allergies. I get it, I do, but dang sometimes allergies are just allergies. Me and the Ralph’s lady were talking about that today.

Then on one of my side hustle apps, I took a survey that asked if I or anyone I knew experienced discrimination based on a positive COVID test and it all got me thinking. I am very sure that people are being treated with discrimination out of other peoples fear. That got me thinking of how many times in the past this medical discrimination has happened with other diseases. It’s time to break the cycle folks. Let’s treat each other with kindness while taking the precautions we need to to keep ourselves and those around us safe. Let’s work together instead of just for ourselves.

So I took my allergies for a walk today. Sneezed, blew my nose, and tried to keep to myself. I suppose that is whole theme to this quaratine – to keep to yourself. How’s it going for you all out there?

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