Being a Long Distance Aunt…

…is fun but difficult.

I have many babies right now that I ma a long distance Aunt too. Some of these are good friends babies and one biological nephew. I talk to them on Facetime and visit when I can (when there isn’t a pandemic). I send gifts when I have the money because I want to be the cool aunt who send them packages. I used to love getting packages in the mail. I know they are babies and don’t quite associate it with me yet, but they will one day! I don’t really consider it buying their affection. It’s just one of the best long distance ways for me to let them know I am thinking about them and love them. I hope their parents know that too.

I do worry though that because I am not physically present most of the time I will be the third rate relative that is just someone mentioned in stories. It’s a side effect of my nomadic lifestyle of adventures. I suppose I can only do what I can do. Hopefully I will be the cool aunt for a long time to come.

So to L, T, E, L and E know that I love you tons.

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