Is the ‘New Normal’ Good, Bad, or…

…simply different.

I keep hearing people saying our ‘new normal.’ Whether we have to get uesd to it, build it, or accept it. I wonder if it’s going to be good, bad, or just different.

It could be good. Maybe we will get to keep a little of some of the good that came out of quarantine. I would like to have less stress, more sleep, and to work on a bit of my own schedule. I have loved having weekend time with my dude to hang out and have fun not on a clock of my having to go to work EVERY weekend. I would like to continue to see families out and about spending more time on bike rides, walks, and playing sports together. I would like some of the kindness I have seen spread through the world continue. I want mindfulness of everyday heros to continue and revelry for celebrities to remain lower. Respect for essential employees like janitors, grocers, farm workers, and those of the like to remain high and remember how heavily everyone relied on them.

I could be bad. We could be trying to create this new normal too soon and have another wave of pandemic. We could be putting people at risk. The constant mask wearing makes me feel as though I am suffocating everywhere I go – claustrophobic at the least. I miss going to movies and I don’t think theaters will open any time soon. I miss my family and I miss traveling. I worry that fear will take a new form in this new normal and possibly be more accepted.

It could just be different. Will we ever get back to what was ‘normal?’ Do we want too? I am hoping it’s combination of good and just different. What do you think? What do you hope for?

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