I Keep Asking Myself…

…is this weird? …will it be perceived at weird?

I really like to give people little surprises. That can be doing something nice or sending a little something. I often think to myself ‘Oh I will do this!’ and I get excited and right before I hit send or pull the trigger on whatever I stop and think “what if this is weird?’ then I usually don’t end up doing something nice for someone else because I don’t want to be seen as weird or socially awkward – AND THAT’S JUST STUPID. Doing nice things for people makes me happy and helps me set my own p(e)ace so who cares if they are weird?! Who doesn’t like to get a nice surprise? If they think it’s weird well that’s on them because it was done or sent with love and good intentions. So, the next time I go to stop myself from doing something nice for other people because it might be perceived as ‘weird’ I am just gonna do it anyway.

Speaking of people thinking I am weird…I made my dog Marty and instagram account to brag about how awesome he is and promote adopt don’t shop. Feel free to follow it @marties_parties

What is so wrong with weird anyway? At least I am not boring.

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