Watching A Clock Once Again…


During quarantine I did not have to keep an eye on the clock at all times. It was actually one of the few perks. I ate when I was hungry and slept when I was tired. I didn’t have meetings and appointments to keep track of all day everyday (except my live streamed workout class). It was freeing. Now my life to back to constantly watching a clock – mostly for work stuff like meetings, when to take lunch (there are restrictions), not going into OT, and for calculating how much sleep I need to get. If I wake up later and clock in later then I am signing myself up to work later. It’s exhausting after the nice break of not watching it.

I think that was really the first time in my adult life I have not had to hawk eye a clock. Even on vacation I had to watch for flight times, rush hour, when a happy hour starts and ends, when an activity or ticket is. I never realized how much control that clock has over my life and stress level. Now that I do and know I am basically powerless to it, it doesn’t feel great.

Anyway gotta go because that is the end of the 10 minute break and 1.68 hours until my 30 minute lunch. Alarms and clock are setting my p(e)ace and I am not sure I am okay with it…

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