Living Up to…

…not wasting time.

I was searching for a post for IG @setmyownp.e.ace yesterday about living by the clock and I came across a post that compared ‘time wasters’ and thought to myself, if whatever you are doing brings you joy or helps you relax is it wasted time? It felt really judge mental. Then I saw a post that said ‘time enjoyed is never time wasted.’ I agree with that and it’s place in setting my own p(e)ace. It’s not that I think TV is a great use of time but maybe it is? Watching news programs to inform yourself, watching sitcoms to relax (usually contain good messages), historical fiction which is both entertainment and education, and straight up education shows. If you enjoyed or learned something how can you call it wasted time? Mr. Rogers raised a generation and now there is a whole Daniel Tiger show carrying the messages in a modern way. If binge watching something helped you escape when you needed it, why is that wasting time? I am using the TV example because it strikes me the most but there were a few others too. Art is never time wasted, anything you enjoy is never time wasted. Anything in excess isn’t great, but come on – you can’t be productive ALL the time. I personally don’t want to have to live up to that and not get any time for fun, relaxation, or escapism. I’ll take some ‘wasted’ time and be okay not living up to the constantly productive standards. I can my community better with productive time of volunteering (and working at a nonprofit) and also ‘waste’ a little time enjoying myself. Keeps me sane!

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