The Real Hero of ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ is…

Daniels ex girlfriend.

Seriously. I ran out of shows so I started watching this cutesy show. It has good parts and not good parts, but the best part is Daniels ex. She put her self out there to propose and got her ass handed to her by someone she loved and trusted. Did she wallow? Nope. She picked herself up and kicked ass. She manages Daniel’s brothers music career, is a top real estate agent, and moved on like the bad ass she is. This character makes the show for me. She just met Daniels new love interest in the bathroom and thanked her for stopping a life with a man who didn’t fully love her. She said she helped Daniels Family and she was grateful for that. She even made jokes. She was the epitome of class in a really bad situation. This character embodied women supporting women and not tearing each other down over a guy – and I loved it. I will keep watching this silly show because of it. Just saying.

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