I Want to Be Engaged But…

…maybe not married.

That sounds weird, I know. In my first therapy session back the subject came up. She said what do you want from this relationship or what is the next step. I said moving in – which is true and I added being engaged but not married. I have to get my shit together before I can marry someone in the finance department which is the main reasoning behind that answer. I want the life long commitment but time to fix my shit. Also, after watching my parents get divorced – I think that the commitment would be enough without all the legal crap. I know there is protection in the legal crap but it seemed SO Hard to undo. So with an engagement, I get the commitment, romantic gesture, and a pretty ring – which is exactly what I want (eventually). I realized that perhaps being legally married isn’t something I need right now. We could have a big engagement party to celebrate with our families and do a hand fasting. Then, when the time is right – we can get married – at our own p(e)ace. Is that crazy? Or just crazy enough to be awesome?

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