I Think I am Supposed to Hate My Body…

…but I don’t.

Am I currently in the best shape? Absolutely not. Do I weigh more then usual? I absolutely do. So I am expected to hate my current body because it isn’t perfect – but I just don’t. Am I trying to eat better? Yes, I am. Am I trying to get my weight down? Yes, I am. Am I preoccupied about it? No, I am not. Am I hating on my body? No, I refuse to. Did I eat a burger and fries for lunch because I didn’t have time for breakfast and was really hungry and it sounded good? Yes, I did. Will I eat healthier through the day to find a balance? Yes I will. Am I taking a natural appetite suppressant that I thoroughly researched? Yes, I am. It helps me feel less ravenous – I am still eating. Do I expect miracles from it? No. Is it my only tool? No. But I am using it as a tool.

I am trying to be smart about losing a few pounds but I am not obsessing (for the most part – we all have our moments). My body is still great a little bigger. I am still attractive and my body still does all of the amazing things it’s supposed to. So, I will not hate on my body even though it’s been thinner and more toned. I will get there again – but I wont hate on my body or myself in the process of getting it back. I still love me 🙂

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