My Grandma’s Wedding Ring…

…and how it brings love and lessons.

I wear my grandmothers wedding ring often. She as tiny so it’s a pinky ring on me (none of us got those petite genes – we all got the German side on body type). I always joke the most expensive thing I own is my Master’s Degree and it’s true but the wedding ring is the most valuable thing I own – in my eyes. Well it’s tied with a few other things – a little stuffed animal black cat my brother gave me, the heart shaped pillow my mom gave me, my Pilgrim pen my dude gave me.

This was her first wedding ring – turns out she was allergic to yellow gold and had to get a new one – the one she married my grandpa with originally. It provides me love in a family way, reminds me that love in a relationship should shoot for lifetime, and the knowledge that those who aren’t with us anymore aren’t really gone. My grandparents got married after four months of knowing eachother – during WWII (maybe shortly after I actually don’t know). It might seemed rushed today but not then and it would be a love that lasted a lifetime. It wasn’t all day but it was everyday until death did they part. Love has rushed moments of passion and slow moments of life – there needs to be both to be lasting. It’s what I shoot for and should I ever be married it will be on my pinky finger (old and borrowed).

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