July 6th and My First…

…’love note.’

Today my dude and I celebrate what we have dubbed out ‘half anniversary.’ It is a half because we don’t know which one to count from. We originally started dating the week after Thanksgiving – then we broke up in late May. On July 6, I came home to discover a bag of the things I had at his house (I had written them off by this point) and note. I thought oh great a see ya note a full month late. Turns out it was his version of a love letter. I will keep the contents of this letter just for me but it was fitting for him. It was really confusing though since it came with the return of my stuff. I pondered what it meant – I asked others what they though it meant – and I finally just decided to message him and thank for my stuff and call it a day (I had deleted his phone number but knew his insta handle so I messaged that). That turned into a conversation which turned into drinks at the cellar, that turned into dessert at Nicks and that turned into…never mind.

Was everything that was broken magically fixed with the decision to give it another try? Of course not. Have we paid more attention to those things – yes and they have been easier to spot. The first month in trying to figure that out was a little rough but worth it. So we are celebrating today as a ‘half anniversary.’ I am very happy to be celebrating with him and I am happy we made the choice to come back together and move forward. I have always wanted a kind of love where you don’t (and can’t) give up on each other. We tried to – didn’t stick :p

So happy ‘half anniversary’ to my dude. Sorry we can’t go back to the cellar (it’s closed due to corona virus) but I am sure we will find something cool to do to mark the occasion.

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