I’ve Got Some Problems and Money…

…would solve almost all of them.

Whoever said ‘Money can’t buy happiness’ has never worried about how they were going to pay rent or get groceries. I will admit while my money situation isn’t awesome, it isn’t dire…yet. I can’t imagine those who don’t have family helping them but have other mouths to feed that are depending on them. Luckily, I really only have to worry about me and Marty (cutest pup in the world!).

My latest money solved problem was groceries. Not just buying them but getting them. I can no longer park at my dudes house (I wont go into why right now because that is just gonna make me angry and I found out he doesn’t want me writing about him so yeah…). I have been asking him to take me to the grocery store for days. For days it hasn’t happened for this reason or that reason. So I was starting to get angry and I thought to myself ‘I am a grown ass woman and I can solve this problem.’ I mean I choose to be here knowing I can’t have my car here because I love him and he has air conditioning (that last part is a joke but also really nice since it’s been hot). So I am getting groceries delivered which cost $15 extra in delivery fee and tip which I pulled out of my savings (I HATE doing this). But money solved my problem.

Then I got to thinking about how having more money could solve so many of my problems. How many things I could throw money at and how much I would appreciate it as a person who has willingly committed myself to a life a mediocre pay to work at nonprofits because it’s important. So, the point, if you do have money I want you to really appreciate it. I know that most people out there worked hard for their money and that is awesome! Still enjoy what it brings. If you don’t have money don’t be stupid like me and spend it on a delivery fee. hahahaha But hey I will have groceries in two hours and I am making fajitas while I drink my lemonade Truly’s (they are my newest vice, actually good for fewer calories then a glass of wine!).

who the fuck said money can't buy happiness? - Annoyed Picard HD ...

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