“Hey World…

…I’m 35!” -SATC

I had one the greatest birthdays I have had in awhile. It was so full of love and effort. It was exactly what I needed. I got a virtual birthday card from a lot of people and it was SO nice to see them again (organized by my BFF). I cry every time I watch it. I had a party in the park with good views, good people, and good food organized by other BFF/work wife/wine club member partner. I got a massage with my dude. Then we went to Phoenix for the weekend and it was so good to see my family again. Marty (the pup) became part of the pack at my dad’s house, we played cards, we ate about 85% of my Phoenix food (including Dutch Bros twice!), went to happy hours, and just had a great time. I felt really connected to my dude which was great and so, so nice. He moved so much around and worked into the nights to make this birthday trip work. I have never felt more special to him.

It’s truly great to be 35! I can’t wait to see what happens this year (it can hopefully only go better then 2020 right?).

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