I Will Always Come Back…

…is something I say to my dog Marty before I leave the house.

Marty and I have a bit of separation anxiety from one another. Whenever I leave I talk to him to reassure him (and a little me). What I always end with is ‘I will always come back.’ When I come back and I tell him ‘see, I told you I will always come back for you.’ Some of you are reading this thinking I am loon and some of you know exactly what I am talking about and why I talk to my dog hahaha.

I started thinking about why I say that phrase and came up with a few ideas. I know he cant understand my words but definitely understands my tone. But beyond just Marty – why do I say that? Because it’s true…no matter who you are or what has gone down between us, please know that I will always come back if you need me. To some this sounds kind of sad, like I might be used. BUT – I think anyone who would invoke this would do it because they really needed a friend. I will be that friend no matter what. I can’t promise I will be very good at comforting you or say all the right things but I will be there. I will always come back and be there for you when you need me.

One a side note, I used to space these posts out like I was super cool blogger trying to build a following. As I have written for over a year, I have realized I really do write this thing more for me then anyone else so I write them as a I feel them. Might be 3 in a day then nothing for a week. Who knows. For anyone who is reading it, thanks. I hope you like it and it makes you feel like you have some company.

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