I Have Been Waxing Since…

…I was 12 years old.

I was an early bloomer all the way around and with that came upper lip hair. I was so embarrassed at 13 and still am today. I remember I tried waxing it before a school dance in the 8th grade. Usually my mom did it but she was asleep already. I knew I couldn’t go to this dance with a mustache! So, I heated it up thinking how hard could it be?! Well, I ended up burning my upper lip. Not only did it hurt but it was worse then the hair. I ran around school and the dance saying I had burned it on cocoa. I now get it professionally waxed (which I did today) because I still feel terrible about it. As much as I spread body positivity, and producing this lip hair is something my body has naturally done for a long time, I can’t get past feeling ugly with it. I don’t even want to calculate how much I have spent on removing it. *I know I could laser it but that makes me a bit nervous on my face. I tried laser hair removal on my bikini and they third degree burned my labia.

Then I thought this is why guys usually pay for dates. Women have to pay for hair removal, birth control, tampons, makeup, and plethora of other items men don’t have to purchase. So, I think they can pay for more dates.

Next thought, they used to tell me that waxing would ultimately leave me with less and finer hairs. They fucking lied. My hair always comes back just as thick and embarrassing. I am disappointed in this.

Third thought – it’s painful! Not killer, but definitely uncomfortable. I used to get brazillians and the cost just got too much. But, it really did hurt. Then it itched when it grew back. I still keep tidy but not bare and it’s fine.

I am unsure if there was an overall point to this post but those are my thoughts. What are your thoughts on waxing? Would love a mans perspective.

One thought on “I Have Been Waxing Since…

  1. I was a late bloomer and didn’t grow any pubic hair until I was 17 by which time all the other boys were sporting man hair and big wieners. It seems as if puberty for the most part passed me by with a cursory wave and an unfulfilled promise to give me facial hair and to increase the size of my package beyond that of a 10 year old boy’s.
    So, my message to you is that be thankful you don’t have the girl equivalent of a micropenis – whatever that may be. šŸ¤”šŸ˜€


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