Halloween Is Not a Time For…

…slut shaming.

I have heard so many times (and even said it a few times). Girls use Halloween to dress/be slutty. This is not cool. Slut shaming is never OK. Women, and people in general, should be able to wear what they want without slut shaming. This is especially true on Halloween – the night to play pretend and be something you can’t be on a daily basis – sometimes that thing is brave. Some of these costumes are pretty brave – if I was in better shape I would be rocking one. When I was younger, like 22, I DID! It was fun – wouldn’t change it. We all did. We had courage and the bodies for it. So why are so many now trying to shame these women for doing it now? People of all genders, identifiers, and all the rest of it – rock the costume you want the way you want. Do you and screw everyone else and their opinions.

Laci Green on Twitter: "disapprove of a woman in a "slutty" costume?  instead of calling her names, try respecting women this halloween.  http://t.co/btj9yv0WrY"

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