I Donated Blood Today and It Sounds Selfless…

…but I did it for a $5 amazon gift card.

What can I say? I’m poor. I do donate blood fairly often but today I did not do it for the greater good of humanity (but is a nice added bonus), I did it for the $5 amazon gift card they advertised as an incentive to donate. You next thought is likey, ‘well $5 isn’t much’ and you’re right. BUT when you add to your other side hustles, it’s the difference between being able to buy someone a Christmas gift or not. Again, sounds noble but it’s not. I truly enjoy giving people gifts and would feel terrible if I couldn’t buy someone a little gift for Christmas to show my love for them. So, I will find a way – even if it means being a pint of blood shorter. If it saves lives in the process – even better!

That being said, I am feeling a little tired so I am gonna grab a snack!

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