My Black Cat…

…was my soul kitty.

In celebration of National Black Cat Day, I am here to celebrate my little black cat named Crystal. She was in my life for 21 years and is now my little angel. She was the greatest cat. She was small in stature at 7 lbs but had so much fight. She ran the house and was boss hog of all animals who lived there, including my 80 lb dogs. She was fast, smart, and tough. My mom always called her a ‘scrapper.’

Crystal really did have 9 lives. We adopted her from the humane society. I recall they weren’t going to let us take her that day because it as near Halloween. They don’t adopt all black or white cats around Halloween. I was 5 and didn’t understand and cried so they let me take her home that day since I obviously did not have nefarious intentions (I can’t believe anyone would). She once came home with a whole in her stomach – healed no problem. She used to run int he house before hte door would shut and lost that game one day and cut her tail open. She came home with giardia from the shelter. She lived through it all and lead a great life. We were connected in a deep way and I carry her with me always.

Some people think black cats are bad luck (stupid), but my little black cat was the best luck and always meant to be in my family. So happy National Black Cat Day Crystal! I miss you everyday!

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