Way Too Fast…

…and a little to slow – all at the same time.

Thanksgiving is less then two weeks away. Thanksgiving signals the end of my favorite season, Fall. I know fall technically goes until December 21, but we all know Christmas really started when the clock struck midnight on Halloween. The whole season takes over when the last piece of turkey has been carved. Don’t get me wrong! I love Christmas too but that means the best whole best part of the year is almost over (September 22 – December 25 in my book). It just went by too fast and felt so slow at the same time. I know that’s not crazy because I hear people say it often. It just really feels like that.

Until Thanksgiving at midnight it will be pumpkin flavored coffee and fall feelings. I am thankful for that!

One thought on “Way Too Fast…

  1. We’ve had a really long and beautiful Fall where I live in Illinois. A good amount of warm-ish weather that makes the end of summer and approaching Winter easier to adjust to. I enjoyed your post!


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