Of the Fewer Firsts Left at 35…

… a root canal was one I was hoping to delay.

But I would not be so fortunate, as today was the day. I am not trying to say I don’t have a lot of life to live or that I don’t have any good ‘firsts’ left in my life. It’s just that I feel like I have experienced the majority of my good firsts already and today was not a great one. My head hurts and I am still numb. It wasn’t so bad though and didn’t take long (less then an hour). I put in my airpods and pushed my brain to a different place. That being said, it was by no means pleasant or an experience I would like to repeat. I am super hungry but don’t dare eat for fear of chewing the right side of my mouth to shreds. Also, I think it would all dribble out of my mouth. My right lower side always needs more numbing so it takes forever to wear off. I am going to attempt water soon. Once I am not numb I am switching to water and wine as my liquid diet. Dental work man. I am grateful it’s available (I have more filling then tooth), but it is expensive and tiring.

I bought a caramel candy flavor taste testing sampler from Trader Joe’s yesterday. HAHAHAHA that was stupid. I can’t eat it until I get my crown permanently cemented and now it’s taunting me from the cabinet. Dang you caramels! hahaha

Fabulous and Brunette: Dental Pain Sucks!

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