I Got Hit in the Head with A Drone…

…among other happenings today.

My dude is super into drones and he has a couple of little ones he flies around the house. I was in the kitchen getting ready to do some dishes (we don’t live together so I don’t have to do them – I am a nice person), and bam a drone in my hair and face. It made a knot it my hair that I ended up having to cut out the last of! Oy. I got kinda mad. Then I felt bad. Then I decided getting mad was justified when ya get in the head with a drone.

On a positive note, we got a Christmas tree! One of the last at Lowe’s and we weren’t alone. COVID time made it go by faster then we thought. Though we were late to the game, we got a very nice tree. It’s drying outside (because it was muddy so it got hosed down) then it will be inside providing cheer!

I got to chat with my BFF today for awhile and that was nice. I told her about the drone incident and she updated me on all her goings on. It was nice to just talk to her. Gotta do that more often. Gonna make pasta for dinner. It’s the food of my people – no not Italian, poor.

How’s your holiday cheer coming along out there?

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