With COVID Getting Worse…

…it’s hard not to worry.

I plan to drive myself home for Christmas. It’s a 6 hour drive so not bad. My car gets awesome gas mileage, so I only need to make one stop for gas and to let Marty pee. It’s pretty low risk, but it’s still concerning. COVID seems to be all around and closing in. Yes, the vaccine is out and I am happy about that. It’s going to the right people first and I am very happy about that. But it will take months for the full effect of the vaccine to be felt. Until then, there are bills to pay and not so many work hours to be had. Also, concerning. Lately, I have been looking to the magic and brightness of the season to heal some this anxiety. It works well, but then I started thinking about how I will lift my spirits when the holidays are over. I suppose I will think of something when that time comes. For now, I will let the magic of Christmas lift my spirit and help ease my anxiety. I will do my best to trust everything will work out and do everything I can to be safe and keep those around me safe. That’s all anyone can do right? We just might be better off if everyone was doing it.

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