Feeling Like I am In the Way…

…and wondering why that is.

Lately, I have been feeling like I am in the way most places I find myself in. That’s not many places considering the pandemic. I feel like I am in the way at my dudes house today. I am doing laundry, worked out this morning, and have had a pretty productive day. I sat down to watch TV and eat lunch, and he starts commenting on the show I am watching. It’s nothing bad really, but I start thinking ‘oh no, my watching TV is bothering him. Should I go do something else? She I be being more productive instead of watching Vikings? Am I making him uncomfortable?’ I do that a lot here. I turn the TV on super low so he wont judge what I am watching or I wont distract him from work or whatever he is doing. I feel in the way at my apartment for some similar reasons. I want to pick a show my roommate will like too and not annoy her with some of the crap I watch. Even at RIPPED today our class was made to feel in the way of a boot camp class. What is with me being in everyone’s way lately? Is it all in my head? Am I in my own way? All thoughts just rolling around in my noggin. So I will just share my thoughts with you and stay quiet and out of the way for as long as I can. I will try to work it out in my head and come up with an answer.

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