You Can Choose To Be In A Good Mood…

…is a post I saw someone make today that I do not quite agree with.

I think you can try to choose to be in good mood but sometimes you just can’t get there. I don’t think that is a bad thing either. Negative emotions and admitting you have them is not a bad thing. It is healthy to recognize all of your emotions – not just the good ones. My brother once said ‘you control your emotions they don’t control you.’ I think that is very true too. I chose to recognize my emotions and process them as I can. Sometimes that means laughing, crying, screaming into a pillow, or writing about it. That is how I personally feel my emotions and control them rather then them controlling me…mostly.

Sometimes my emotions get the better of me. I think that happens to a lot of us. Usually at night when I am tired and my coping skills are a little off guard. I recognize that it will pass, but I have to cry or walk or do something until they do. Distraction is good sometimes.

Additionally, and I am REALLY sorry if I am about to offend anyone, but the person who posted that is LDS and they tend to project happiness and perfection no matter what they are actually feeling. They believe perfection is attainable and anything less is unacceptable – kind of a fake it till you make it. Of course this is not everyone of this faith just a general trait I have observed (I should mention I have a lot of family in SLC and was born there). So I don’t know how seriously I should take the post but it did make me think. So I hope now you are thinking about it and know it’s okay to have negative emotions and not just positive ones. Feel what you feel.

after writing this it popped up in the latest episode of zoeys extraordinary playlist! Hello universe!

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