What is An Influencer…

…and what are the pitfalls of fake fame.

My dude and I always joke about Instagram influencers and how they marry the rich men on Below Deck and Marrying Millions. I saw a documentary on HBO Max where they take three people and turn them into these ‘influencers’ and it is so crazy and and interesting. They had a bunch of ‘I’m and actor and a model’ people try out for the doc and that was pretty funny. By the end of the documentary I was kind of blown away at the whole process. They ‘buy’ followers and comments (which is a whole industry on it’s own) to gain real followers and comments and get free stuff. And one of them got a LOT of free stuff! Cool stuff. Wine, sunglasses, jewelry just as long as they post about it. These ‘influencers’ are really serious about it and treat it like a business because for them it is. The experiment was interesting. Ultimately it told me what we all know – it’s fake fame that is designed to sell things and make people who watch feel like they have less then. So they go out and spend their needed money on the stuff so they can be equal to the fake famous people. The Kardashians have made a fortune off it but I don’t know that selling your morals is worth it. Interesting documentary that mak

My dog Marty is more of an influencer then I am. He gets offers to be a dog model all the time. BUT you have to buy the pet products to model. You get a discount but still I can’t spend money I don’t have no matter how cute the toys are or how great he would look in the dog bow ties hahaha. I can’t blame social media here though because Marty is a lot cuter then me so he has a better shot at being an influencer.

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